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About Little Mike's
Little Mike's has been in business since the 70's. Since then, nobody describes Little Mike's better than our own actual customers. Just ask NWOKC HonestLady...

Best onion burger in OKC, maybe the world!

by nwokc honestlady at Citysearch

Little Mike's Hamburgers is THE best onion burger I have ever eaten! Not only is the food delicious, more on that in a second, but this family owned place is clean and friendly! Simple food with fresh ingredients in a politically charged decor!

It's great and no mystery how they can stay in business with Johnny's Burgers right across the street.

Try the homemade Caesar dressing on the Caesar burger or the handmade onion rings unlike any other; or if you're feeling really hungry, go for one of their made-from-scratch fried pies. We've all tried Fulton's, and theirs are good, but LMH's blow them out of the water! The peach is my personal favorite :-)

I have to get my LMH fix at least once a week!

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